1. Atlantic Institute of Photography's (AIP) distinction titles for photographic exhibition are open to the public and are earned through the accumulation of credit via the international exhibition organized or sponsored by AIP (see the AIP Exhibition List).

2. The score will be given as followed:

  • Best of Circuit - 15
  • Best Author - 10
  • Gold - 8
  • Silver - 6
  • Bronze - 4
  • HM - 2
  • Judge/Chairman Choice - 2
  • Acceptance - 1
3. The following title will be awarded:

Associate, Atlantic Institute of Photography (AAIP)
AEAIP will be conferred when 50 points or more are earned.

Fellow, Atlantic Institute of Photography (FAIP)
FEAIP will be conferred when 200 points or more are earned.

Master, Atlantic Institute of Photography (MAIP)
MEAIP will be conferred when 500 points or more are earned.

4.  A certificate will be awarded and the title can be added after the name, upon the approval by AIP.

5. The rules are subjected to change upon approval of the AIP.

6. Application form will be available soon.

7. For inquiry, please e-mail: atlantic-photo@hotmail.com